Fuzzy Lines

Reporting something I came across today with the latest build (6.1.0 (172)) While orbiting, as the model edges approach parallel to viewer they become pixelated and fuzzy. I am on an iPad Pro 12.9 4th generation (non M1 chip).

Can you share that model?

fuzzy lines.skp (121.4 KB)

Looks like anti-aliasing isn’t doing as good a job as it might. On my new iPad those edges look much more crisp.


I closed the app and open the file again just for kicks. Same fuzzy line issue. Pretty nasty looking.

Try going more parallel to the viewer on this view if you don’t mind… i do see pixelation in the lines here as well, could be my old eyes…

I’m not seeing it to the same degree as your screenshots show. It is just gpu artifact, though.

This is how it looks on mine. ’
. ’

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What I am seeing on my new iPad Pro M1

Yup. There is a bit of antialiasing artifacts there also. Albeit not as bad as mine.

Hmmm, the forum profile setup doesn’t have a field for what iPad people are using. Wasn’t an issue until this year, eh?

This issue is more of a cosmetic nuisance. It would be nice, though, to improve on it for user experience sake.

I think that’s going to take a GPU or GPU driver update. Not something that SketchUp could change. I don’t see the same AA issues on my new iPad or on my PC.

I have a new iPad Pro M1 and we certainly see it on my screen shot. Not as bad as OP’s screen shot. I also see it a bit on my RTX based PC. I also agree on it being just a cosmetic issue. I’ll try it tonight on my older home PC that isn’t pushing a 38" 4K screen :wink:

How does one upgrade GPU drivers on an iPad Pro?

I doubt you can without an iOS update. Even then it may or may not be effective on an older iPad.

For those of you who are seeing the issue, can you please share the app version you’re seeing it in (@OmarC thanks for including that info in your OP)? I wonder if you’re seeing that issue in the 6.1 Beta, or if it’s in the production 6.0.8 release?

Mike, I’m on 6.0.8 (1880)
iOS 15.6.1 19G82
iPad Pro 11" 3rd gen

Thanks for looking into this @MikeTadros. A 2 year old iPad hardly should qualify as old, but what do I know? I rolled back to 6.0.8 (1876) just for kicks, and the issue is present there also.


Adding more detail here, and rolling forward to 6.1.0 Beta images below.

Faces in shadow with shadows off.

Shadows On

Untitled 6.skp (115.5 KB)

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Time passes differently in computing, considering the “release cycles” in past decades your hardware will be outdated within a year or half. :blush:
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