Jagged lines need a fix


I am having a problem with extremely jagged lines. I’m using an iMac with OS X 15.3.329 and graphics card ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB. I’ve been reading this forum and see that I am supposed to change my anti-aliasing setting in OpenGL. But no settings box is appearing in OpenGL. All I have are three options relating to acceleration, texture size, and fast feedback. Help please!


Let’s see the model you are currently working on and a remedy can be offered. Your issue may or may not be related to Open GL, drivers needing to be updated or the style of presentation being used.

To upload the file click the arrow icon as shown below:


Here is the file. Thx for quick response.

box_pencils.skp (60.4 KB)


This took a little bit of Googling! Before opening your document, open the Ruby Console from the Window menu, and paste this in:


and press Return. Now open your file.


then restart SU…

BTW: you notice the jags more with such small objects…

colin beat me…



box_pencils_returned.skp (144.9 KB)

I couldn’t replicate your problem on my computer. See the screenshot. PC not mac based. I’m guessing that you need to update drivers.

Perhaps one of our more tech savvy sages can give you a more definite response that is applicable to your system.

Edit - I see that @colin and @john_drivenupthewall already did.


Thanks to all three of you who weighed in on this. Colin’s suggestion for the Ruby Console edit worked. Not 100% but very close. Huge improvement. Thanks!