'Jagged' lines in sketchup

I am having a bit of difficulty in that all my lines - on screen and printed - are not very smooth at all - very jagged to look at. I am fluent on Adobe Illustrator and am used to working with very smooth lines - which I need for the work I am going to produce in Sketchup. I’ve been deliberating between using AutoCad and Sketchup - and I find Sketchup much more intuitive (although am new to both). However, I need to know when I’m printing out my artwork at 4m square that I am going to get perfect lines. Any advice would be gratefully recieved!
Thanks, Skyla

(I am using a 2012 Macbook pro OS X 10.9 - I havn’t installed Yesomite)

LayOut would give you best control and quality of SketchUp models going to print. Provided you have SketchUp Pro that is.

To add to Thomthom’s comment… Layout allows you to render the SU model in Raster, Vector, and a hybrid mode… Vector being the cleanest. Also, the line work can be set to a sub 1pt setting to make edges finer.


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I hope you are sure you have not chosen a style that includes “Jitter” for the line rendering.