Line quality from sketchup

I’m not entirely sure how to ask this, but I’ll try anyways.

In sketchup styles, I have selected Straight Line /Straight Lines 01pix as my style choice and have edited the Level of Detail to it’s highest setting. I have deselected Halo, Extensions, Depth Cue and Profiles. To me this would/should give me the cleanest lines. However, when I insert SU model into Layout with a page layout of 11"X17" and view to actual size, the linework of the model is somewhat fuzzy. This is in comparison to a line generated within Layout. Am I missing something?

Despite its name, the Straight lines styles are also Sketchy Edges styles, with the lines formed by raster image graphics.

The fuzziness you see in LayOut is due to this, and your render quality settings (Document setup>Paper). For editing speed I always keep Edit quality low, and set Output quality to high.

You get the most smooth-looking straight lines by switching to one of the Default styles (these use vector graphics for lines) in SketchUp, and, then, in LayOut, setting your model view to use Vector or Hybrid rendering.



Thank you Anssi… There’s no way I was going to stumble upon that answer. That was exactly what I needed! Much appreciation.


There was already a thread on this subject, but I did not understand the resolution.

This is from Layout. The large fuzzy dimensions are SU dimensions

This is also from Layout, but after double clicking to allow you to change the view of the scene.

How do I get SU and LO to render the dimensions the same? There seems to be two different rendering engines in play.

My previous answer might offer a solution. What you see in a raster-rendered SketchUp viewport in LayOut is a raster image of your model, and the LayOut objects you have added are vector graphics that are resolution independent. Try switching your view to Vector or Hybrid rendering (it is slower but looks better).


Thanks, the vector seems to work best.

Top is raster
Middle is vector
Bottom is vector after double clicking to Edit.

I find it interesting that the back ground changes depending on mode. Also the size of the font is smaller in Edit mode. The size in edit mode seems to be closer to what it is in SU.

The upload picture has lost some clarity. The difference is not noticeable from the upload picture

On the topic of Jaggered Lines when printing from LO, It seems that even when you select “Hybrid” to ensure nice clean lines, any lines within a model, or behind transparent materials (glass etc…) just drop out to next to washed out materials. Why can LO not print a proper Vector line over the desired model including being able to show all the texture we use…It does not seem to make any sense :confused:

Hi, so im getting the same results. Never had this issue in 2016…
The vector route is great specially for plotting but it creates over 10mb per page… quite inefficient.
Also takes forever using vector when in isometric view. It’s good only for TOP view.

But my dimension line fuzziness is a bit interesting. its not the whole line only partial.
please see attached.

What you see is a bug that affects Mac users with (certain) AMD Radeon graphics cards. It might be a bug in the Mac graphics driver. The SketchUp people are looking for a fix.


That’s what i thought. I re-rendered it on my macbook pro with NVIDIA graphics cards and its smooth as butter! fixed the bug as well.

I hope they find a fix coz all the next gen Macs are running AMDs.