Bizarre Data Loss

I’ve have found the dimension tool in SU, and find it a real pain. So I decided that Layout would be the solution. But I’ve run into a serious issue with the display of certain lines, as pictured below.

This was my procedure:
1, I created a section cut, and aligned the view.
2. I created a scene.
3. I saved the SU model.
4. I sent the model to Layout

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but cannot get rid of those badly aliased lines. They not that way in the SU model. What have I done wrong?

Are you referring to the pixelized raster lines? If so, you haven’t done anything wrong. The viewport is, by default, set up to be rendered as Raster because it is a faster rendering process and doesn’t load the graphics card so much.

What happens if you select the viewport, go into the SketchUp Model panel and change the render type from Raster to Vector?
Screenshot - 8_22_2021 , 12_58_21 PM

Vector rendering might help, but it has its own problems, especially it is slow with large models. I use it only for export to vector formats like DWG. I am usually quite happy to use raster rendering and set my output resolution to High. It is jaggy when viewed through a microscope. I set my screen resolution to Low which looks like the image @DaveR posted but is the fastest mode. Your screenshot might be using the default Medium resolution.