Jagged edges in renderings

I am getting a lot of very jagged edges in my renderings. I am using the LightUp plug in.

Any thoughts on how to improve this?

you can ping @AdamB [the developer] and/or ask on the LightUp forum as it’s very well supported…



Check menu Tools->LightUp->Graphics->Multisampling… is not set to Disabled. Multisampling is a feature of your graphics card, but most cards will support “4x” anti-aliasing. Check it on and restart TourTool.

Second, regardless of what mode you use for realtime navigation in TourTool, when you export Stills and Movies from LightUp, they will be processed using a high quality 16x oversampling (ie you will get excellent quality on any output).


thanks Adam - much appreciated. I will give that a try now - and while I have you -

When I updated to SU Pro 2016 - suddenly anything that is translucent (like a lucite podium) will disappear when rendered. Thoughts on that one?