It appears I inadvertently moved the model

It appears I inadvertently moved the model, than saved changes. See page 1. I have been able to move the model back (close to its original position) But the Dimensions are no longer CONNECTED to the model. picture NOT included How do I reconnect the dimensions to the model

I don’t see anything as a reference. Is this in LayOut?

Share the file so we can see what you’ve got and help you fix it.

How do I share a file

ELLEMENTS BLDG 5 ABs HDs 1-17 incorect area 1 dimensions.layout (6.5 MB)
Ty for your help

So you can select all of the dimensions on the page, right click on one of them and choose Reconnect but if they don’t reconnect, you’ll have to edit them one by one and look for the red anchor dot. Move that one to reconnect with the model.

There seem to be a lot of them in your file. Might be just as easy to check them to see they are correct and only fix them in they are wrong. When you export the file to PDF, or whatever, the red boxes indicating the disconnected dimensions won’t be shown.

A note: On A.01 I notice you’ve got the Last saved SketchUp view as the scene for the viewport. This opens you up to problems if you go back to the SketchUp file to make edits. Unless you can assure that the camera is set up exactly the same when you save the file, you can count on the model to appear to move on the page.

I also notice you are using odd scales in the vieewports.Is scale an important thing?

Side notes after looking at your SketchUp file.

I see incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only components and groups should get tags.
Screenshot - 1_17_2022 , 4_13_34 PM

There’s also a lot of unused stuff in your file.
Screenshot - 1_17_2022 , 4_13_50 PM

Purging the unused stuff reduced the file size by about 70%.

ty for your help

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I have alot of unused components in the file. All of them I have used in previous models, and may yet use them in this model, before I am done. Same with tags. Is there an easier way to store components AND have them easily accesable for future projects

You can and should save components into a local collection for later use. There are several ways to do this. You can create a new local collection folder in the Components panel and thendrag and drop the thumbnails for the components from In Model to the local collection folder. For example I created a Hinges collection by using Open or Create.
Screenshot - 1_17_2022 , 5_07_06 PM

Then I opened that collection in the secondary pane (click the button with the down arrow and the white plus on the black background.) and dragged thumbnails down from In Model to Hinges.

If you wanted to save all of the components that you have in the model into a single collection, you can choose Save as a local collection.

I create collections classfied by the kinds of components I use. Mostly it’s hardware for furniture. When I have a need for a new component I either modifiy an existing one or model a new one and then save it into the appropriate collection for possible future use.

Later, when you want to add a component, go to the collection in the components panel and bring it in. Don’t keep unused components in your project model file because that just creates file bloat.

As for tags, you can keep the tags in the file if you want. Just make sure you are using them correctly and assigning them only to objects (groups and components). Keep all edges and faces untagged.