Issues with Cloudflare "Verifying you are human"

So I just got a new pc and am trying to log on to my account on\

When I tryin to go through the sign in process to access my account and subscriptions, I run into a cloudflare page saying “Verifying you are human, this may take a few seconds” and can never proceed further. Even if I shut down/restart my pc, I immediately hit this page.

I even tried googling and clicking on unrelated links that lead to sketchup in hopes that I can reaccess my account that way and am immediately greeted with this verification loop.

Any idea on what to do?

I have been having similar issues on other websites recently. This is with Firefox and running a VPN server. Using a Chrome- based browser like Brave sometimes helps. When it doesn’t, it is directly to do with my VPN, so choosing another country’s VPN server may help. If not, then disconnect from the VPN and try again.

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I usually run into this when I’m behind a VPN too.

Maybe you’re on a server with too many connexion, sometimes I even have to do a “are you human” test to reach google.

So I was unaware but the PC I purchased came with and automatic free trial of Norton Antivirus and it was set to automatically VPN my connection… Disabled and worked fine immediately. Thanks for the reply!

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