Issues sending sketchup to layout

Hi…. I have sketch up pro 2021 and I’m having issues sending a sketch up file into layout. I keep getting a hazard sign but no explanation what that’s about.

Even if I import a sketch up file into layout I get the same result.

I am using layout 2021 and I have administrator rights. Plus I have a large graphics card.

Any help and guidance is welcome

That sign can mean that you haven’t rendered the viewport. In the SketchUp Model panel, look to see if Auto is checked.

Hi Colin

Thanks for that and please excuse my ignorance, I’m new to sketch up pro… where will I find that?

Thanks Renee

In LayOut you would select the SketchUp model that shows the warning sign, then in the SketchUp Model panel you click on the Auto checkbox.


If you are seeing a warning sign at some other stage, can you show a screenshot of the warning?

Hi Colin

Thanks for that… this is the message I am getting

I tried changing to vector and turning auto on and off and I still get these messages.

Try right-clicking on the viewport and choose Update Model Reference.

Hmmm that didn’t work either. In-fact I have gone back to other layout files too and I get the same error.

Here’s a screen grab from an earlier successful sketch up to layout I did

Last thing to try, and if it doesn’t work you may need to post a small example file somewhere…

Click on the link icon:


and reconnect the viewport to the original SketchUp file. At the moment it may be pointing to an embedded version.

Hi Colin,

No that didn’t work either. I also tried it on my of my existing layout files and it didn’t work either - in fact it removed the file completely and the hazard symbol is still there.

How would I send through some example files of what I am trying to open?

Thanks Renee

Dropbox, Google Drive, Something like that. Then you get a link to the file, and you include the link in your reply.