Issues loading LAZ files using Trimble scan Essentials

Not sure if i’m going mad here but trying to open a .laz file using the Trimble Scan Essential extension but with no joy. When I go the folder icon to look for a file to open the viewer won’t even see files that have the .laZ extension. When you open a file that has the .laS extension it goes through a process that looks like data is being imported, it then immediately asks you to save as a .rwp file but then when the process finishes there is nothing to see in your sketchup file. Is this a tech issue perhaps or am I doing something drastically wrong ! This happens with files from two different data sources one of which is the UK Defra site. Any ideas anyone please ??

If you hit Shift Z, does anything pop up? It might be georeferenced.

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You may delete the SketchUp Avatar before hitting Shift Z (Zoom Extents).

Hi Mike - thank you but the answer is no - the only other quirky thing here is that I am using the software within a VM in Parallels on my Mac as the Trimble Scan Extension won’t load into Mac versions of Sketchup. I am using a the 2021 Pro version on the Windows VM.

I have had better experiences with Bootcamp for that. Can you share the file?

Mike - it it’s not inconvenient i’d happily share the file. I’ve tested the process with some of the data Laz files that LAStools downloads and the same happens there so i think the data files are ok

Do you run SketchUp 2020? What version of the extension?
[menu] Window > Extension Manager than click on the down arrow beyond Scan essentials

I believe the latest is 1.2020.1215

literally downloaded Essentials yesterday and it’s on 2021Pro (21.0.391) which I am demoing in Windows VM

I have exactly the same experience as Tjorners and would just love to get tips on how to import LAZ point clouds to use in SU :slight_smile:


It seems to be a bug which is in the last release. This will be fixed ASAP.
You may type * or *.laz in the File dialog box to see and open the laz files.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi there - still in the process of sticking everything into bootcamp on an older Mac as I don’t have room on my main one. I will report back if I have success. Jacques my test run of the main Sketchup Pro concludes tomorrow but a couple more days should at least allow me to get to the bottom of this particular issue.

Thanks for the response Jacques! Happy for updates on the progress of fixing the bug :slight_smile: