Issue with tracking pad not allowing selections

Hello. I may have done a poor job explaining this but for the past 2 days if I try and do a new sketch it works fine for the first 8 - 10 steps and then when I click to do something more on the sketch wherever I click the submenu pops up as if I’m doing a right click on the mouse. I’m using a tracking pad.
I restarted but the same thing happens after the first few steps. I even switched over to my class Mac which is brand new and a super fast machine but the same thing happens so it isn’t the Mac itself.
I used Sketchup without incident up until the last 2 days so there appears to be a new glitch. Advice would be greatly appreciated as was hoping to use it with classes on Monday

UPDATE : Okay I’ve worked out the issue. It is to do with me trying to screenshot parts of my model while I was constructing an instruction sheet for my students. Cmd Shift seems to mess up the mouse in Sketchup. Any ideas on how to undo whatever it does so I don’t have to shut it down and restart each time I do a screenshot?

Thanks for the comment about screenshots. I have been trying to make this problem happen, and that gives me a clue. But, I still haven’t found what keys to press to make it happen yet.

I did make a different problem appear. There are undocumented shortcuts you can do on Mac, one of which is to hold down Control and Command to briefly go into Orbit mode. Control, Command, Shift, briefly goes into Pan mode. If you do Control, Command, Shift - 3 or 4, to get a screenshot onto the clipboard, a two finger Zoom will have toggled to be a two finger Orbit instead. The solution to that is to briefly tap Control, Command, Shift, and you then get back into two fingers doing a Zoom.

So, the combination you’re doing while attempting a screenshot is somehow making SketchUp think that the Control key is still being pressed. Like I said, I couldn’t force the problem to happen, if you can think which exact keys causes the problem for you, please let me know.

By the way, Command-Shift-5 brings up a more powerful screenshot screen. In there you can choose whether to grab the whole screen, an area, whether the image goes to a folder or the clipboard, and you can do movies as well. Perhaps Command-Shift-5 won’t trigger the right-click issue.

Thanks Colin, I was using Command Control Shift 4 to screenshot to a clipboard. I will try the solutions you mention and report back