For the last 2 days, I've been unable to use the MAC Alt/Option key. Is this a permanent change to SketchUp, or is this a glitch?

ALt/Option key problems

Please describe the problem in detail.

What browser are you using?

As a Mac user I can confirm that I don’t have your problem.

Currently there is an issue in Safari, where you have tapped Option, say to toggle guide mode for tape measure, or copy mode for Move, where the toggle has happened, but the cursor has not changed.

If you are using Safari, look at the status bar text to see that it has changed modes, then try doing the action you had in mind, and see if it’s working.

Is this perhaps referring to the recent update switch from holding down the modifier keys to toggling modification?

Dave: I am using Big Sur MAC OS, and the Sketchup for Schools program. We love the program. Almost all of my students are working with PCs and have no issues at all. Out of a class of 22 students, only 2 (MAC users) and me, the teacher are having problems with the ALT/Option key to do things like copy, rotate with copy, move with copy, etc. If it is a Login Problem with the SketchUp for Schools, why would it only affect MAC users and not PC users?

Can you elaborate on that? That is the first I’ve ever heard of that problem.

As Colin wrote, there are problems with Safari. If your Mac students are using that, they could have issues. Your PC users wouldn’t have the problem because they won’t be using Safari since that is a Mac only thing.

Dave: Even though I am using MAC OSX Big Sur, I am using Google Chrome for my Browser and 1 student is using Safari and the other is using Chrome.

You didn’t share that information until now.

Maybe you could explain exactly what isn’t working?

Dave: I (and my students) cannot use the ALT/Option Modifier keys to Copy, Move and Copy, etc. One of the replies indicated an update switch for the modifier tool. Do you know anything about that? Thanks.

It recently changed to a toggle, so try tap rather than hold.

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Box: That is helpful. I’ll try just a tap and then use the function. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.