Help! Camera moves when I click a button on the top bar

Can’t figure out why this is happening. Sometimes when I click a button on the top bar it starts to drag the viewport away from where I had it. Seems like a bug but I’m not sure if maybe it’s just something with my mac?

Here’s a video:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using the trackpad or a mouse? If a mouse, what kind?

Trackpad on a 2016 touchbar mac.

Others have reported issues with using a trackpad. Do you have a 3-button wheel mouse you can use? It’ll make for much more efficient experience anyway.

Ah ok. Not right now but during the week yeah. I’ll check it out and see if it helps. Thanks a lot.

Good luck. I did some searching on the topic and found several cases where people reported this but it seems they were touching the pad making some sort of gesture which made it happen.

Report back after you get to try with a mouse.

I’ve tried with a mouse and it does work fine, but I’ve actually isolated the issue to BetterTouchTool, a touchpad functionality app running on my mac.

I created a bug report with them, but they looked at it and said it’s an issue with SketchUp’s event handling.

Here’s a link to that conversation:


I don’t know if there is any change but you might go ahead and install the maintenance release that was put out a couple of days ago and see if there’s any change. Still, I think you’d find it much easier to work in SketchUp with a simple mouse.

That sounds like finger-pointing. I have a MBP and I sometimes use the touchpad when there is nowhere convenient to work a mouse. I have never had problems like you describe. If it was entirely SketchUp mishandling events, I would expect it to happen even when BTT is not there. Conversely, if you disable BTT and the problem goes away, that would seem to point at them not SketchUp!

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