Mouse pointer uncontrollable

i have been working with sketchup for years but lately the mouse pointer wants to run around the screen when filling in the area of a square so you can use push pull or offset. And when i put the pointer on the filled in area and click so i can use push pull task it starts running all over the screen and i lose control. The mouse only acts up in sketchup. The mouse is wireless, Logitech but i also have tried Microsoft. I have also unistall and reinstalled sketchup. This also acts up in my desk top in Sketchup only. this could be a windows problem but my desk top has windows 7 and my lap top has windows 10 but I can’t find a fix for that ether.

Thank you

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. If that is correct and this is a recent problem, you need to be looking at things like graphics drivers or other things that have changed recently. SketchUp 2017 hasn’t changed in two years so it wouldn’t be the problem and uninstalling/reinstalling wouldn’t help.

Your profile provides some confusing information about your operating system and graphics card so I’m guessing you have an Intel graphics adapter. Go to the Intel site and get their latest drivers to install. See if that helps.

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