SU main workspace moves itself

SU main workspace sometimes moves itself when I click on one of my right standing window panels. I don’t know why it happens. Any of you knows why it could be happening? Any suggest to solve this problem?

Not without seeing the LayOut file.

Not my system, no mac experience, but isn’t this to do with the sliding desktop issue I have read about fairly often. Something to do with telling mac what desktop to use for what app.

It is in SketchUp not in LayOut, with viewport I was referring to the main workspace. It happens with any file even when I open a new file.

The word “viewport” is normally used in LayOut not in SketchUp and so I thought you were referring to that. Are you still using SketchUp 8?

That is another thing, I mean in the same desktop the workspace sometimes starts to move to the right when I click on the windows panels

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I´m using SU 2016. I don’t really know when it started to happen, but I think it ever happened to me when I was using the macbook trackpad, but that was not often, and now I bought the apple magic mouse and it happens also with that mouse. I am not sure, but I think with my other mouse it didn’t happen. I just come to this idea, so I will try with the other mouse and see if it also happen.

OK. See this thread. Especially @slbaumgartner’s post.

Please update your profile. It is helpful to have accurate information there when you need help.

Profile updated. In that post what happens is that the desktop changes, but in my case that is not the problem. What happens to me is this:

It move it self when clicking out of the window, but only sometimes. And I think it has something to be with the apple magic mouse and or the apples trackpad.

It would have helped to see that GIF in your first post.

You are likely right about the Magic mouse and trackpad. Get an inexpensive Logitech 3-button mouse and try that. Just plug and play.

I just learned how to do it, but you are probably right, I should do it at the beginning of the post, so sorry again.

If there is any other suggestion than buying an Logitech mouse, please let me know. I will really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Get some other inexpensive mouse? Maybe you can even find a used wired USB mouse from a PC. I use an old wired mouse on one of the Macs in the house and it works fine. Just make sure it has a working center mouse button/wheel.

At least borrow a real mouse from someone and try it out. That will help to identify if your magic Mouse and Trackpad are the culprits,

I’d learn how to move around spaces: four-finger side swipe can be handy sometimes when I RDP to a Windows box. Learn to control System Preferences->Trackpad. When I first learned SketchUp, I forced myself to learn cmd-ctrl click-trackpad-down and move to orbit, which replicates the middle mouse button down on a 3 button mouse, and then adding the shift key to be able to pan. It gives you the ability to walk up to any machine and do things quickly.

Hello Barry, what means RDP? And what do you mean with “four-finger side swipe can be handy sometimes when I RDP to a Windows box”? How to orbit with the trackpad using cmd+ctrl, I also learned it some time ago, but thank you for the advice. It is very useful, but if there is a mouse it is much more better to use it.

If some one has the same problem as me, one thing worked for me, so maybe that could work for you as well:
If you look at the GIF you can see that my workspace in the right side doesn’t go until the end of the screen, so I tried to make the workspace larger, so that it occupied the maximum of the screen and after that the problem didn’t happen again, at least until now.

Note: If I use full screen mode the problem still happens, but if I manually extend the workspace so that it fits in the whole screen it stops to happen.

I think the default for space swapping, er full screen is one-less finger than I thought:

So Microsoft Remote Desktop (Protocol - RDP) likes to open full screen by default. I initially hated that, but it’s grown on me so I let it and do the 3 finger swipe.

Glad you figured it out.

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