Issue with Short Edges & Border Holes

Hello, I am brand new to sketch up and need help trying to figure out why my part keeps telling me I have short edges & boarder holes and how to fix them. I tried scaling it up and I had the same issue. I found the original template online and fixed it some to make most of it a solid, but the skis wont become solid. I am hoping someone can help me out. Here is my file.
Klondike Sled.skp (231.2 KB)

View in monochrome and use x-ray to see what is going on. I also hide the rest of the model while working with a single item. Using solid inspector gives some clues as to where the issues are. Using Fixit 101 solves some of the issues.

The top surface of the ski doesn’t meet up with the rest of the model - turn on shadows and look at the front/top

Thank you, I have tried to fix the issue, and most of the issue has been fixed, but the top of the ski still seems messed up and I’m not sure how to fix. I used fix it to fix most of the issues I was having.
Sled 2.skp (307.5 KB)

Klondike Sled Royce.skp (177.7 KB)
I had to remake the ski to get it solid. I made a rectangle for the tip that angles up and a rectangle for the body of the ski.Then I drew a circle on the top face of the small rectangle from the center of it up to the center point of the edge. I divided the circle in half using the line tool and then erased half the circle and the intersecting line. I, then, drew a line connecting the corner of the rectangle to the bottom of the half circle on each side. I used push/ pull to get rid of the end corners leaving the round shape. I used follow me and two point arc to put a rounded edge around 3 sides of the two rectangles (left out the edge where the two rectangles later connect). Then, turned on the geometry and connected the dotted lines using the pencil tool to connect everything together. I made it a component so I could copy one to the other side. I had to scale a copy to 1000 times and use inspector to fix an internal face to make it solid. I took it out of edit, erased it, and the small part was solid.

What is it that you need from the model once you’ve got it done?

It looks like a different approach to modeling the ski is needed. Actually a different approach is needed for the diagonal rails on the rest of the sled, too.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp Make (desktop) 2022 but there is no such version. Giving us the correct information helps us help you. In this case it would tell us what tools you could have access to.

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I redrew your model using components for the whole thing. Is this what you are thinking of? Yours is in the background.


Yes this is perfect!! Thank you!! Sketchup Pro 2022 is what I am using, sorry when I set up my information I had no idea where to figure out what program I had, so I just picked one off the list. I literally just downloaded the program on Wednesday because I found the template online and it was from sketchup so I figured I would download the program, but I am still learning how it works. I usually would use autodesk inventor since I know that program well, but I learned that I can’t download it on a mac which is all I have. So now I am trying to learn sketchup on the fly as I need to make these for the first weekend in February. Thank you so much for your help everyone!!

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Now that you know what version you have, please update your profile. Click on the F in the brown circle in the upper right corner of the forum page. Then on the person icon followed by the gear icon. From there you can edit your profile information.

That’s a big task for such a short time frame. Is this sled for a Kondike Derby? Are you building full size sleds? If so, what are you building them from?

This is going to be the topper for an award for a Klondike Derby. I have a 3D printer that I am using to print it. I thought since I found a template that would make it easier, unfortunately it seems like it made it more complicated.

Ah… I see. That explains the way you had modeled the sled frame as one piece. Based on the overall dimensions I thought you were designing a full sized sled.

For a 3D printed thing you might consider printing it in a few pieces and assembling them to make the sled. How many do you need to print?

By the way, face orientation is important here. Back faces which are, by default, shown as blue, face the print media. If you have exposed back faces the slicer won’t like it.

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It looks like I can edit my name/email and add profiles, but I don’t see that I can change the type of program I am using.

Click on Profile on the left.

Here’s a version with solid components. It hasn’t been scaled. If you were to export the .stl using inches and import it into your slicer using millimeters, the skis would be about 2-1/2 in. long.

Sled 2 solid.skp (206.2 KB)

Yeah sorry I guess I should have included that in my information. No, I had tried scaling up when I got the short edges error since that is what I read online could help solve those issues.

I was actually able to print what I had so far as a test to see what it would look like and it actually came out well minus a couple of issues. I only need to make one, so I would definitely be willing to try making it in pieces and putting it together.

Good to know, thank you!

Thank you!!

Updated! Thank you for all your help!

Thanks for updating and you’re welcome. Good luck with the toppers and the banquet.

FWIW, since .stl files are unitless you can model at a larger size and skip the scaling step. I modeled this simple clip to snap onto 1 in. diamter tube. As you can see it’s modeled as if inches were meters.

Imported into the slicer with units set to inches yields this:

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Good to know, thank you!