What's wrong with my surface borders

Hello all,
I can’t seem to fix the borders of the sitting room. Any help would be very much appreciated.Component_14.skp (24.4 KB)

What are we supposed to be looking at? Could you describe what exactly is wrong?

Agreed. What’s to fix?

When I run Solid Inspector2 it says the border can’t be fixed.

My guess is the wall behind the large rectangle.
The other walls are all 5.5"

It’s only a 2D drawing. It can’t be a solid. A solid has to be 3D with every edge shared by exactly 2 faces; no more, no less.

You also need to collect the geometry into a group or component to have it show as solid.

The problem is that this is just a portion of a much larger file. When I send it to Layout, most of this portion of the model is just not showing up. So I’m trying to find the problem with this portion of the model.

I’ve got the walls finally to show up but not all the window lines.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You might just have something else on top of the drawing in layout.
Can you share you layout file here?

Floor Plan.layout (14.0 MB)

This isn’t the source of your problem, but I I found a tiny triangle in your drawing at the circled location:

You have the “2d lines” tag/layer turned off for that drawing in Layout.

Thank you so much.

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I would describe that as a very creative work around but those lines are not tagged as “2d lines” in the SketchUp model. Thanks again.

Yeah, I see that too now, very strange.

As always, it’s about deadlines and getting the job done and you came thru for me. Thank you.