Surface border problem

Solid Inspector identifies 2 surface border issues with my model however the problem area is so small that I can’t zoom in close enough to see or fix it. Can anyone suggest a solution?

I have a second minor query - there are several areas where the rendering shows unexpected shading (see the upper RH corner of the upper surface, adjacent edge & lower surface in same area). From a look at the hidden geometry I can’t see an obvious explanation - can anyone suggest what may be going on? Is there a problem & if so how can I fix it?
Surface border problem.skp (6.7 MB)

I converted your group to a component and then used the Dave Method to fix it.

You also need to correct the reversed faces. All of the exposed blue back faces need to be reversed. Don’t just apply a material to mask that. In fact, you should avoid applying materials until you’ve fixed all reversed faces.

Thank you Dave - your component method is an elegant solution.
Having fixed the surface borders using your method Solid Inspector then reversed the faces for me, however the shading problem persisted.
Zooming in on the large scale component I found two very small gaps in the upper & lower edges which I have repaired - pictures attached. Did you make a similar repair to obtain the version shown in your response or did you do something else?Corner images.pdf (2.7 MB)
Thanks again

Sorry. I forgot about those spots.They aren’t really gaps. They are just softened edges. I right clicked on them one at a time and chose Unsoften from the Context menu.

Glad you got the rest sorted.

Thanks again Dave

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