Issue with Projecting orthophoto over photogrammetric terrain

I’m trouble with projection texturing a 3d terrain imported from other photogrammetric software. It has very high polygon number and as other persons, the texture projected appear only in some faces.
Reading on forum, i’ve apply soften edge, but no solved.
Here the terrain…Please help me, my client use only sketchup to work on his project :wink:
The workflow was this
1 Metashape Mesh to Ply
2. Instant Mesher to OBJ (to quadify mesh)
3. Mesh Lab to DAE
4. dae imported in skp
All this due to input/output formats imposed by instant mesher that is rapid and perfect to quadify million of polygon

Thank you

The geometry of the terrain needs more cleaning, but the texture is applied on the entire surface. Edit the group and select the entire geometry (edges and faces).

What type of cleaning?
can you share textured model?
If i need to perfectly adapt texture on model, how can i scale and move projected texture?
Thank you

Applying projected texture

All that type of raw geometry (circled in red)

Before applying it over the terrain, use Move tool, Rotate tool and Scale tool (if it’s necessary). Set the camera Top View and Parallel Projection and set X-Ray style, to see how much you need to move it, rotate it or scale it.

It’s a vbery time consuming manually clean the mesh! all tree area are an hell!
can you plese share your ready textured model?
I’m working on it, but selecting all face in component, is taking an infinite time, is not rapid as in your video… I’ve a good workstation, ryzen 1800 and gtx 1070ti, 64 gb
Thank you

Download from here: