Issue opening file, "Failed to open Document"

Here’s the file from your .skb file. While I had it open I did my standard cleanup. First I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 7_5_2023 , 8_54_31 AM
Ten I purged unused stuff. There’s no need to be hoarding all those components and materials.
Screenshot - 7_5_2023 , 8_54_59 AM
This reduced the file size by nearly 83%, well within the forum’s upload limit. When the file opens it will be shown in the Monochrome face style withProfiles turned off to make it easier for your computer to handle the model. You’ll note visible blue back faces as you look around the model. You should correct their orientation so you only have white front faces visible.
LAYOUT DESIGN 2 1ST FLOOR purged.skp (13.7 MB)

You should also be making groups and component of objects you create in the model. All of the walls, windows, doors, etc are loose geometry. This will make it more difficult for you to work with the model.

It may be that some component you added caused a problem in your .skp file. Are you saving to a drive inside your computer or to the cloud?

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Thank you so much ! I save it in my pendrive because it was easier to switch between my desktop and laptop

Placing a copy of it there is OK but before youu open the file, download it to the internal drive on your computer. This will make it less likely that you’ll have issues with saves and autosaves.

Why not use your Trimble Connect storage? You can publish your models to Trimble Connect and then access them when you need them. You’ll also end up with a history of the files so you can go back to an earlier version when needed. Still a good idea to keep a copy locally, too.

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Noted , thank you for the suggestion . Will try it ! :writing_hand:

I looked at what might have changed in the SKP since the SKB was saved. The SKP has a few things corrupted in it that make it not possible to recover anything. Two of the corrupt things are materials, named Kadinsky_cover.jpg and LeavesDead0045_1_S.jpg. I don’t see either of those in the SKB file.

Were those materials that belonged to something you have only just imported? If so, what was it that you imported?

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I’m sorry , I’m not sure either what cause it . Might be from some materials or component from 3d warehouse because I switch between 2 devices.

Do you remember what the last 3D Warehouse model was that you added, and is it still present in the file Dave gave you? Make sure to keep a copy of the fixed file before you add more components.

I think all the model still present in the file Dave gave me only the materials gone. Noted , I’ve had a backup of the fixed file. Thank you for your time :grinning:

No! The materials are not gone. Only the unused materials which were purged with the unused components were removed. The rest are still present in the model. As I wrote. It’s just the style has been changed to show the model without materials.

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Hello guys, I’m having the same problem. Failed to open document. Can anyone help me please. Here’s the file (adi-23-13-int-back up) . adi 23-13 lumion - Google Drive

You haven’t shared the .skp file.

Are you using the cracked version of SketchUp 2021?
Screenshot - 1_15_2024 , 11_46_06 AM

Can you also recover my file. Problems the same, cant open it, it says “Failed to open document”

RIVERA.skp - Google Drive

Dear people asking for help.

you need to actively allow access to anyone with the link. otherwise nobody can download. :slight_smile:

Im sorry, its public now. RIVERA.skp - Google Drive

I hope you can help me with one, I have a submission tonight. I dont know what happen.

Can’t open it.

After checking inside, it starts fine, then about 1/6th of the data, it’s just 0

So maybe Colin ca save something from this 1/6 file. but I can’t.

Two questions, do you have the backup file ? your profile doesn’t make sense, your operating system is not 2023, it’s either windows or mac os, with a version number. but your file tells me it’s from 23.1.340 so PC.
Do you have the skb file ? if you rename it as skp, does it open ?

where was your project located ? external drive ? usb stick ? directly on your drive ? it looks like the synchronisation / the copy failed during the process.

I dont have a back up file, it didnt create one when Im doing the model. It just crash on the middle of the process. Im using skp 2023. I always save it on my local drive on my laptop

Well, it’s 2.30 am in Colorado, so you won’t get a definitive answer for a few hours. at this point, the best thing is to start again right away and hope they can salvage stuff.

Also, make versions.
Don’t just work in ONE sketchup file, every now and then, you make a copy and you archive it just in case.

when I was a student, for a 16 week project, I would have 16 distinct files. Every week, a new version, just in case.

Okay, thank you for your time. I hope Colin will notice this soon. badly needed some help.

I know I fail to get anything even if only a small part of the file is filled with zeros.

It’s worth checking to make sure there isn’t a backup file. The file would have the same name, but the extension will be .skb. It would be in the same folder as the .skp. If you looked for it with File/Open, the file won’t normally appear in the list.