Issue opening file, "Failed to open Document"

I think all the model still present in the file Dave gave me only the materials gone. Noted , I’ve had a backup of the fixed file. Thank you for your time :grinning:

No! The materials are not gone. Only the unused materials which were purged with the unused components were removed. The rest are still present in the model. As I wrote. It’s just the style has been changed to show the model without materials.

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Hello guys, I’m having the same problem. Failed to open document. Can anyone help me please. Here’s the file (adi-23-13-int-back up) . adi 23-13 lumion - Google Drive

You haven’t shared the .skp file.

Are you using the cracked version of SketchUp 2021?
Screenshot - 1_15_2024 , 11_46_06 AM