Issue opening file, "Failed to open Document"

I have a file that multiple users have been accessing yesterday at the latest but now failed to open. We keep getting “Failed to open document” warning, even after changing file location, copying new file, changing file name.

Any possible help from @colin ?

That file hasn’t been modified since the 24th apparently.

Recover it via sharepoint’s file history.

Thanks! It was discovered on the 25th that it was un-openable, so the last actual access date was indeed the 24th. It has only been uploaded to sharepoint for access on the forum.

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Sorry that I didn’t see your post 6 days ago. I was able to recover your file.

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Thank you so much! Lifesaver! Any clue what was the cause?

Colin might be able to tell you what was corrupting your file but I had a look at it out of curiosity. After fixing the incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 12_20_49 PM
… and purging unused stuff from the model …
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 12_22_05 PM
… the file size was reduced by 59%. It’s possible that some component or material in the model was acting up.

It would be worth your while to clean up the model before you go further with it.

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There is some action that leads to duplicate IDs for some of the model entities. We still don’t know what the action is that causes the problem. It would be amazing if we had a model before whatever that action is, and could then do the same action and get the problem every time. If you have any ideas what the last things you had done before the file would not read, try doing those same things on a copy of the file, then see if the file still opens ok.