Issue on windows 10

i got issue on my SU ruining windows 10. i cant move or do anything when my SU is on full window on my screen but when i make it smaller window everything work fine. this was started after the i update my laptop on my OS and graphics card.

i hope someone can help me. please i really need help.

What exactly is the graphics card model?

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

i got intel® HD Graphics 630 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. i think i dont run it as administrator.

Make sure the GTX1050 is the one being used to display SketchUp. Right click in empty space on your desktop. Choose the Nvidia control panel and go to Manage 3D Settings. Under Program Settings, make sure Trimble SketchUp is there or add it if it isn’t.

Proper installation of SketchUp on Windows requires that you right click on the downloaded installer file and select Run as administrator. Quit out of SketchUp, find the installer and do that now. When the options are presented, choose Repair.

yes my GTX 1050 is the one being use on my SU. and right now im trying to do repair on my SU running as Administrator.

running installer as administrator doesn’t solve the problem on my SU.

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Have you updated the Nvidia graphics drivers?

What is display scaling set to?

Can you share a .skp file that exhibits the behavior? Does this happen with all models or just one?

yes. i updated all my graphics cards.

i set my scale to auto. before i set it to 125 but i dont work.

this is my first file using the 2019 Su. but opening template from the 3d warehouse it works properly.
house 1.skp (8.9 MB)

i dont know if this is a problem on my OS. because it all started after the update.

You’re referring to a Windows update? Perhaps you could roll back Windows to before the update and see if there’s any change.

I don’t have any problem navigating around your model on my Win 10 machine. I do see a lot of blue reversed faces in your model and a large number of unused components.
Screenshot - 2_12_2020 , 11_21_58 AM

Purging unused reduces the file size to under 1Mb. You might try that and see if you get a change in behavior. Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.

What template are you referring to?

yes. my windows updated to a newer build version and that happen. now im planning formatting my laptop see if this work.

i use blue faces on my model until i finish everything.

all of the template i get from the 3d warehouse it works properly.

The blue faces are the back faces. They should not be on the outside of 3D shapes. The white front faces should be out.

What templates are you referring to? Are you talking about components?

well i always front the blue faces to see the model clearly. and differentiate in my model.

yes.the components.

thanks for the help.