Issue at opening and during import

Hello , since few weeks we have lots of issues with skp… When we try to import dwg but also sometimes just to open a basic model.
Do we have to clean smthg?

Thanks for your help it’s made me totally mad. So much wasted times

What do these issues look like? What exactly happens when you import dwg files?
Before these issues appeared, did you change anything on your computer or install any extension to SketchUp?

Hi Mihai.s . I have change nothing… So when I try to import dwg , the window show me all elements and after few seconds or minutes the window change (as usual) and when I click to close the window to import the file on my model it’s bugging… The wheel turn and turn and turn sometimes more than 1 hour. After that when I just want to open a simple model SKP just crash…

Share the file you’re trying to import so we can see what you are working with. Might have something to do with the file.

unfortunately I can’t . We are working for the soccer World Cup and we can’t share those folder. But as I wrote before sometimes SKP just crashing for nothing just when I start the program

It’s never “crashing for nothing”. There’s always a reason. Crashes on startup are commonly related to graphics driver issues. Are all operating system updates installed?

Yeah yeah… I ll check but I think yes. I know that’s not crashing for nothing …

@john23 Hi John! This is Joseph with SketchUp support. Have you been seeing any BugSplat messages? I did not find any with your email. Please enter your email into the bugsplat and then send in the bugsplat so we can try to figure out why SketchUp is crashing. Please note, sending in a bugsplat does not automatically generate a response. You will need to email support to analyze your bugsplat. Please submit the bugsplat and let me know what email it was sent in on.

Bugsplat looks like this

Oh yes nearly every time without any answers…

@john23 submitting the bugsplat doesn’t notify us in support but. Once the report has been submitted there will be a Crash ID that appears on a new webpage. Please send us that number so I can review the report and determine the cause of the crash.

Many thanks I ll do it …I promise. Now it’s time to pick up the kids. Thanks all for your supply

@john23 You can go ahead and message me personally on the forum by clicking on my icon and then hitting “message”. When you get back

Perfect. Thanks