Bugsplat on export to .DWG

Bugsplat and quit on export to .DWG. Interesting thing is I do this all the time, in fact I just exported a version of this same file about a week ago and it worked as usual. Suddenly this week the updated file refuses to export. Anyone expierenced anything like this. I assume I’ve added somthing recently that is gumming the works, so I’m tying to edit my back to last weeks file bit by bit to find the culprit. Ever been through this?

SKUP 15 pro Mac

to my knowledge, if file skb export to DWG could be opened, only the file can not be extracted or converted as if you are importing a DWG file to a file SKB and passable so great. if our computer minimal possible helpful erorr
May be useful

I don’t know much about the Mac, but an often repeated advice in these cases is to repair your disk permissions and to reset your SketchUp preferences file.


Could you provide more detail on what you mean by “refuses to export”? For example, is the export item grayed out? Do you get an error message? Does the export appear to run but you can’t find the file? Too many possibilities…

Apologies for the Mac jargon. Bugsplat is an “unexpected quit” of application. Sketchup shuts down immediatly on pushing the export button, all edits would be lost if not saved, no dialogue box, no message (except for OS bugslpat message) and there is no .DWG file created. I’m still hunting the offending object within my model as last weeks generation still exports fine and all other models export as 3D .DWG just fine. So it must be something in my model. Unless there is a file size limit, I better check file size of current v last known working, maybe it’s just too big. Or perhaps I unknowingly created some kind of MC Escher impossibility geometry logic bomb to explode my computer… unlikely ha ha. I’ll post if I can figure it out. Thanks for the attention.

Is your model very small?
Is your model very large or very far (kilometers) from the SketchUp model origin?

Have you sent the error messages to SketchUp?