Isometric section cut lines not exporting to LayOut, PDF, DWG


this is my first post here. I’m using SketchUp Pro 8 and I’m having some export issues. I wanted to export a section cut of a isometric view of my model for further edition in AutoCAD, but the cut lines are missing. All the other lines are there, exept for the cut lines.

I tried exporting to PDF and LayOut and the cut lines aren’t there either. In LayOut I could see them in raster mode, but they disapeared after I switched to vector mode for DWG export.

Here are PDF files with the isometric view of the model and the isometric section cut view with the missing lines, as well as a jpg file with the effect I’m aiming for after editing the file in AutoCAD and Illustrator (the jpg is from another project, which I made in another software and I can’t impport my SU model in there).

I’m pretty sure I did this before and I had no issues then, but maybe my memory isn’t that accurate.

Does anyone know, how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Prior to exporting, did you right click on the section plane and select ‘Create Group from Slice’ in the context menu that appears? Otherwise the “visible” section cut lines are just in SketchUp. No lines to export.

No, I didn’t do that. I’ll try it out in a second.

Thank You very much! It worked perfectly!

Sorry for the delay, but my computer is a bit slow and launching SU and exporting took a while.