Section cut lines only visible in LO Raster mode?

I have a Model, in which i have a section cut on the terrain, to show the terrain as a single line only in an elevation plan:

But in LO, this section cut line only shows in raster mode…
I thought i saw that working before with vector and hybrid too, but i’m not sure.

An answer on the post here

Suggests that these cuts are not visible unless i do a ‘Create Group from Slice’…
Is that true?

It could be any of several things. Could you share the LO file?

That’s the file:

I asked for the LayOut file. Could you share that instead of the SKP file?

Note to self: Read before posting…

The full LO file is 30mb and my uplink slooow, so i created a test-file, which shows the same behaviour:

But not entirely:
The back-view shows parts of that terrain line in vector, all in raster, and all if rotated away from the standard back view…

The link goes to a page indicating the file has been removed.

I sometimes have missing section edge lines (and other lines) in vector rendered LayOut views too. I have seen this in all versions of LayOut. I haven’t found a way to produce this consistently. For a scene of mine I used the Place Camera tool to make sure the camera was outside the model, but that didn’t help even though this seems to be some kind of clipping.


Darn, this should be it: