Exporting pdf from Layout, Sections are missing


When I go to export a drawing from Layout the view that is in Layout, including correct section views, does not create a correct pdf. The views are from the correct orientation, but the section content is missing. It seems perverse that what you have exported to Layout should be dependent on something in the original SU file. In any event, does anyone know of the correct procedure to fix this.


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Are your viewports set to Raster, Vector or Hybrid rendering? Can you upload a (preferably small) LayOut file that behaves like this for you?



That’s kind of the point. If you don’t want the connection back to the SketchUp model, export raster images to include in your document.

Typically the reason section cuts don’t show in the LO viewports is that the scenes those viewports are based on have not been updated to include the section cuts. Or, if they have, the viewports have been modified in LayOut so that they are no longer directly connected to the scenes in SketchUp.

Is the style for the scene with the section cuts showing as modified? That is, does it have circular arrows on the thumbnail? If so, update the style.

Is the scene name for the viewport preceded with [modified]? If so, reselect the scene to link it back to the SketchUp model.

If you would like more assistance, share the LO file so we can see exactly how you’ve got everything working.


I did not know I had to save scene files in SketchUp and then refer to them in Layout.
Thanks for the replys


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