Exporting DWG section planes to use as plans in AutoCAD

Hi there,

I’m taking section planes from my model and exporting them (in parallel view) to further develop as plans in AutoCAD. For some reason the ‘background’ is not showing - only the exact cut through line in showing in the exported files, eg when cutting through stairs, the steps being cut through come up on the dwg but not the steps below it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Do you use File > Export > Section Slice or File > Export > 2D Graphic…?

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Aha… Just tried the 2D graphic which I aligned as much as possible and then exported in parallel projection. This worked! Do you know if there’s an automatic way to ‘align’ everything in the parallel view to make sure the DWG export comes out with super clean lines (instead of doing this manually)?

(to clarify, I was exporting as a section slice before, when I was not seeing the background)

Camera > Standard Views
or select a face > right click > Align View.

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Sorted. Thank you so much!