When I Export dwg from SketchUp, some lines are not showing?

This is a section cut in Sketchup that I want to export into Autocad

And this is what exported file looks like in Autocad. Please help me I don’t know what to do

Section slice only exports the cut geometry, only what the section plane touches. If you want the whole scene you need to export to 2D scene and select .dxf as the format.

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Exporting a SketchUp Model as a 2D CAD file

Exporting a SketchUp Model as a 3D CAD file

Slicing a Model to Peer Inside | SketchUp Help
Scroll down to: Exporting section cut effects


It worked! I should have exported it as .dxf instead of .dwg, grad to know the difference too. Thanks

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No difference there. The contents of a DWG and DXF file are identical. The difference lies between exporting the section slice (lines formed at the section cut plane) and the section view.