Sectional Slice DWG. Export


I’m trying to export my section slice out to AutoCAD but whenever I do, it doesn’t export any of the geometry below the sectional cut. It’s really hindering my work and driving me insane.

I’ve included an image to demonstrate the issue I’m having.

Thanks in advance

Well, it sort of works as advertised. Exporting a section cut exports a section cut, nothing else. If you want a 2D drawing on your whole view, you should use the File>Export>2D Image option to export to DWG.


try tweaking in the “options before you select the location to save” tab… select polylines with width instead of “none” in some of the settings.

// edit It was a very old post, I saw that after I wrote the message.
You need to use a section cut plugin (TIG: SectionCutFace) for that.