Is this a clipping or axis issue? Please send help

Hi All,

I can’t seem to draw a proper rectangle or square in sketch up. Please send help.
Below is what happened when I try to draw a plane and pull a face into a box.

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All you did was draw a rectangle and try to extrude it into a box? Upload your model so one of us can take a look at it.

Try repairing your installation of SketchUp.

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Untitled.skp (928.5 KB)

here is it!

Thanks. As I said, I would try repairing your installation of SketchUp. I’m not able to open it right now but I’m sure one of our local gurus will hop on it.

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The model opens as a cube. It looks like you may be using the Move Tool to grab an edge of the cube and it is being moved, creating the odd result shown in the image.

Check out the SketchUp Square One Series. The videos will help you get going with Sketchup.

Square One - YouTube

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I had no issues with it, I drew more rectangles and everything works fine, can you make a screen recording of what you are doing to see if its something related to your pc or if you’re doing something wrong.

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Hi, thank you for getting back! It turns out that my graphic card and the sketchup 2022 version were not compatible? My IT guy uninstalled sketchup 2022, installed sketchup 2023 and updated my graphic card. Everything is working fine now! Thank you!