Do I have a configuration problem?


I’m new to sketchup and I have problems with several tools. e.g. The rectangle does not work as expected, Creating a rectangle did not result in the correct size image, sometimes not even a rectangle. I discovered that if I draw a rectangle and switch to wireframe view, I see several shapes. However, if I draw the rectangle with wireframe selected the rectangle is correct. Switching to monochrome display results in what I want. Also deleting the face leaves the wireframe which didn’t work if I drew the rectangle in monochrome mode.

I can probably live with this work around, but it seems like it should be avoidable, Any ideas how I can correct this problem?


I think you need to share a SketchUp model that exhibits this issue. It sounds like you’re doing something incorrectly but it’s impossible to pinpoint from your description.


This could be graphics card related. Try toggling the hardware acceleration off in Window->Preferences->OpenGL since you are using SketchUp 2015


I started using 2017 and the problem is gone. Thanks for you input.