Rectangle tool issue in sketchup studio 2023 (educational plan)

Hello, I am a university student living in Korea. I am not from an English-speaking country, so please understand that my English may be poor. I am downloading and using the sketchup studio 2023 version as an educational plan.
But there is a little problem with the rectangular tool. When drawing a rectangle, it is not drawn exactly where I want it to be, but in a completely different place. I think it is a laptop problem as I did not have this problem when I used sketchup 2023 on another laptop, is there any solution?

녹음 2024-01-18 151311

look at your axis, they are truncated.

This was a common issue earlier this year, when turning display to more than 150% in windows, it made SU work in a small part of its window, and situations like yours, where tools didn’t react well.

Can you confirm you have the last patch right now ?
what % is your display at right now ?

I didn’t experience this bug earlier, but some other have, they can maybe help.

similar issue to this one :

Could also be a graphics card problem. Make sure you have the latest driver installed, don’t trust Windows on saying it’s up to date but go to the Nvidea site and download it from there…