Is there still no Fillet or Chamfer in Layout?

I’ve been using SketchUp pro since it came out - do literally all modeling and construction drawings on it - but is there still no fillet or chamfer in Layout? There’s some very basic tools that are still missing…


Does this help…?

If you type 0 it chamfers but I don’t think you can control the setback - you’d have to mark where you want the chamfer to start.

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Since, as you can see, there has been so much progress in SketchUp, don’t expect much progress in LayOut. Put simply, there is no rounding and no chamfering.

It might be better to describe and/or attach some images of a specific use case that you have in mind. I don’t think product managers like to zift through threads like this only to find unrelated or biased ‘me too’ comments.

Where you aware of the method @paul.mcalenan described for chamfer? It might be combined with the rounded rectangle, for instancee (personally, I like the double click behavior of the 2-point arc in SketchUp)
I don’t think you are talking about the stroke styles.
(Hé, there are actually more way’s of fillet/bevel/round in LayOut natively than in SketchUp :slight_smile:

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Why does it say 599% ?

That’s the zoom level in LayOut. Has nothing to do with what is being drawn beyond the size on screen.

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