Sketchup 2018 - Fillet

I just download the newest Sketchup Pro 2018 and looked at “What’s New”. it appears that there is a fillet tool, but upon further inspection, it seems it is only used in layout. I am not a layout user though I wish i knew it like I do sketchup. My question is why wouldn’t they make the fillet tool for the actual sketchup? Am I missing something?

There’s an extension called “1001 bit tools” that can do fillets and chamfers.
It’s very basic, e.g. you can’t set the number of fillet segments. But it works OK.

It also comes with it’s own annoying menu & toolbar structure and a bunch of unnecessary functions so unfortunately not a nice clean addition to the SU interface.

SketchUp has had for a few versions already the same feature that LO 2018 got for fillets.
Fillet LO
fillet su

It’s probably better in SU because after the first fillet, you can just double click near the next corners for the others.

If you are thinking of radiused or chamfered edges in 3D, Fredo’s Round Corners extension does those things nicely.


Does anyone know if is possible in Layout to do precise fillet after having placed de arc in the corner, I mean, let’s say that I want a 5mm corner, is there any way to get that without having to calculate the center of the radius beforehand?

start Arc tool, click on a line, search the magenta inference point on the other line, click again and start typing the desired radius, hit enter

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