Here's how to Fillet lines in Layout, a mildly sarcastic tutorial

Edit: I have deleted my 13 click method
Conclusion still stands:

One would of course want the glue tool to do it, like this, with 3 clicks, only with a resulting fillet
Maybe @Adam can tell if that would be better.


Fillet lines in LayOut


That’s cool. Its down to about 9 clicks

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I showed you how to do this a while back Odd Håkon Byberg


Of course, a tool that you could use as you show in your last gif would be useful…

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yes. this works, but produces not so clean geometry, and I would really like for the Layout team to come up with simple and powerful basic drawing tools.

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Do you mean the extra nodes?

yes. the extra nodes.

It’s not consistent – or I haven’t worked out the “knack”…

If I drag a node I sometimes will get the line’s magenta inference line, I can then drag the node over to the other line and then drag the node along the second line’s magenta line to the intersection point.

Edit the other line and drag it’s node to the new end of the first line.

Yep, it’s several clicks when I get it to work.

My 2cents:

Why draw in Layout at all?

What a waste of time. Use Sketchup for that.


I disagree with you - I’m drawing in Layout all the time.

My models are basic - I don’t model detailed detail in SketchUp unless I need to.

Yep - some people have problems with Layout but I don’t.


I’ve got huge problems with drawing in Layout. If it worked exactly like SketchUp a SketchUp user would have no problem at all.

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I model everything down to the gaskets in SketchUp. I need that level of detail in the model.

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