Is there something wrong today with the warehouse?

Is there something wrong with the warehouse today? I can’t seem to be able to download anything???

No. The Warehouse only supports the current and previous two versiions. SketchUp 2019 and earlier are not supported. You can access the Warehouse through your internet browser and download the Collada version of the components you’re after then you can import the included .dae file into SketchUp. Or maybe it’s time to update to the current SketchUp version.

This change for SU2019 occurred a little more than a month ago.

Current Minus Two policy.

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As soon as I try to export…

That’s a different issue than in your original post. Your latest screen shot shows that you are using SketchUp Free and trying to export a file type that isn’t available to SketchUp Free users. Either upgrade to SketchUp Go which does allow the export file type or download your SketchUp file as a SketchUp 2019 file so you can open it in SketchUp 2019. Then export from there.
Screenshot - 5_29_2022 , 5_28_50 PM

Sorry I was on both. I was working with 2019 and the online one. I just figured out what you posted above. A huge thank you for your help.

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Looks like you ought to just upgrade to SketchUp Pro. That would give you the current SketchUp 2022 and SketchUp Go. After that you can use the 3D Warehouse and export the file type you want from SketchUp for Web.

I have sketchup pro 2019 that I bought a while ago. I wouldn’t mind upgrading but I’m not doing a yearly subscription. Not interested. One time payment and that’s it.


Same problem and I can´t either download any models or update my 2019 sketchup. Its killing me and it’s been like this for weeks and i can’t find anyone to help me do it. this all robot communication is horrible. why isn’t there a human choice of “help”

Read this thread. There are no robots replying here. See my first reply in this thread. the 3D Warehouse supports the current and two previous versiions of SketchUp. It does NOT support SketchUp 2019 or earlier. As I wrotein that reply, you can access the 3D warehouse via your internet browser, download the Collada version of the files you are after and import the included .dae files.