I am using Sketch Up 2019, as of today when i log on to the 3D warehouse, i can see / access models but when i go to download anything into my model it says OOPS! AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED. No download files are available. I have looked online and at other forums and i see that older software doesn’t support 3d warehouse anymore, however 2019 should? I used this only a couple of weeks ago and it is fine. My internet connection is fine, so I am a little baffled how to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Not anymore. As of a couple of days ago the 3D warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2019 or earlier. The Warehouse only supports the current and previous two versions of SketchUp. You can download the Collada version of components via your internet browser and then import the included .dae file into SketchUp.

Thank you so much for telling me this, very annoying they way they do this, appreciate the help. Many thanks.

Maybe it’s time to update to the current version.

There are a number of reasons this is done however with the changes they made to SketchUp model files this will not be a problem after SketchUp 2020 support gets dropped next year. SketchUp 2021 can open SU2022 and eventually later files.

Yes i paid a classic license so thought it was good for a few years more than 3. Anyway, not to worry. I cant even seem to get the option to download the Collanda file, when i click download it goes straight to the error message. There is no drop down options as per you example below.

I think you’re missing something. Maybe you need to just click on the dropdown arrow.