Is there anyway to update components' geometry only


Just wondering if there is anyway to import a component, then updating/reloading it by geometry only, so any newly applied textures willl not be affeceted.

Or alternatively, is there anyway to link a FBX (or sketchup) file for easier update management i.e. updating models by geometry only.


You can open the component for editing and add or modify geometry.

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to do?

If I read your question correctly, I think not. I believe the materials are imported along with a component and will be reset if you reload it. Of course, you can experiment to find out the answer.

Thanks Guys,

Pretty much I’m trying to import a Sketchup model exported out of Archicad. Just trying to find a way to update the Sketchup model when the Archicad model changes, almost like what Unreal Engine does with its Datasmith plugin.

I can import the SKP model in as a component, and override the file when exported change from Archicad, but this takes a long time to update and also any mapped textures in Sketchup will default back to the Archicad export after ‘reloading’.

If there another way to link the SKP or FBX file, that would be fine too, so I can update the geometry only when things change in Archicad