Is there an alternative to the Component Attribute Interface?

The interface of the component attribute window is driving me crazy when I’m trying to work on complicated components. Is there a way to edit a component’s attributes in a simple text file so I can copy and paste multiple values more easily?

Also is there a way to reorder the subcomponents within my main component? Or what determines the order they show up in on the attributes panel?

No answer yet? I’m with you on the interface! I guess we have to use Ruby?

this post was sadly overlooked
still have to work with the same, but are you aware that formulas can be placed within the drop downs to drive multiple tasks?
component example

2nd part of original query, if you want to change the sub component positions,simply move it, then undo within outliner to order them as required, the method places it to the bottom of the object list of the parent

not sure how to interact with the example, nothing happens when i click on it

to follow the link to the example on the 3D warehouse, you need to click the icon in bottom right. Not very intuitive I agree. The file is a component, so after downloading, you would place via drag and drop from a designated folder or access it via the component broswer in sketchup

thanks, I did not know the icon was a link… I downloaded and opened it but when I attempt to open the “component options” I get an error box that says “No entity data returned”. When I close that dialogue, I then get “ERROR: Callback function error…”

I have had this error with dynamic models I created in the past, until i moved them all out of “My Documents/…” and closer to the root drive. I had to cut them out and paste them into a fresh instance of sketchup to work past it. Not sure if you have experienced this too or not, but I found quite a few threads on it going back years…

I am very curious as to what your were referring to so I will keep trying to get your model to work for me.


actually here is a similar thread to what I was trying to explain: Error on Component Options window when downloading in window - #19 by xvx