Is there a way to resize one detail and have the whole floor plan resized too?


Hello SketchUp-ers,

I am quite new to SU and so don’t even know if this is the correct place to address this question. Anyway, maybe someone of advanced SU users has faced same objective and so could help me.

I have drawn the floor plan of a town square in SU 2014, yet it is not scaled correctly because I had no idea what the dimensions should have been - only knew the dimensions of the biggest building. For instance, its front wall is supposed to be 100 meters long (currently it’s not). So my question is whether there is a way to make that building 100 meters long resizing the whole floor plan at the same time automatically.

Thank you for attention and advice!


Use tape measure on the distance that is supposed to be 100m, it will read some other value, then immediately type 100m, enter…a dialogue will prompt you to change the whole model to that scale.


pcmoor, Thank you for your friendly help. It worked.