Change measurments to existing project

I’m brand new to SketchUp and has just started my first project, drawing an extension to my house.

After doing several hours of work I realize that I have made a mistake. The width is only four meters instead of four and a half.
I have added windows and god knows what to the drawing and now wounder if there is an easy way of changing the complete plans to 4.5 meters wide instead of the four it is now?
I understand I can change every single element one by one but that is a crazy amount of work. Almost better to start fresh then…

Thanks for any tips

It is possible to correct the dimensions but exactly how depends on how you drew the model. Can you share it?

I browsed the forum and found out that you can use the tape measure and “alt” and then just type in the new measurement.
Worked fine but some fill stuff got mixed up and some inserted items disappeared.
I’m happy though - minor updates and the drawing is now the correct size.
Hoping to use this to get a building permit for an extension.

As long as you got what you need out of it, that’s fine. You might be able to change the way you did the resizing so that you only changed the dimensions that needed it. But as I said before, without the model to look at, it’s hard to tell you exactly how to do it.


I just realized the WHOLE drawing got scaled up. So not only the width that I wanted to scale up but also the dept and hight…
So back where I started… :frowning:

So, again. I drew the extension to my house correct except that it should have been 0.5 meters wider. I want to change ONLY the width of the drawing.

Any tips?

… and how do I share my drawing here?

Use the Upload button, 7th from the left above the message box. Attach the SKP file.

In general, elect the entities that need to move and use the Move tool. to put them in the right place.

I’d like to share my drawing- but how do I do it?
Tried uploading the file but it was too big.

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and give us the link.

Tried my best, hope it works:
Extension to my house
It is the 4000mm measurement that I want to change to 4500.

OK. Does this work?

Since you didn’t really use an components and the walls have no thickness, it was pretty quick to fix. I switched the camera to Parallel Project mode and aligned the camera so I was looking straight on at the large window. A left to right selection box around the right side selected the side wall. the right side of the large window, the railing, and the yellow siding areas which I just Moved over to the right 500mm. then I selected the bottom window, again, with a left to right selection box and moved it to the right to center it on the wall. I used inferencing to align the center of the window with the center of the wall. I also did that for the center area between the two large windows.

Yes yes yes! Exactly so!
Did you change my upload so I can download it with the now correct measurements?
Or how do I access the beauty!

I can’t change your upload but I’ll upload it and provide the link.

Looking forward to it!

Try this. But try it for yourself, too.

Do take note of DaveR’s comment and make proper use of components, or your drawing will quickly become unmanageable.

Use the Help, and follow a few basic tutorials. There are several posts in this forum with links, but I can’t access them easily from my phone at the moment.

Get rid of the radiator and the purge the model and you’ll drop 4meg.

In my defense I must say that I downloaded SketchUp Sunday PM and fiddled around for a few hours that afternoon. That is all I ever done in SketchUp or any similar program. So I am an absolute beginner.
Also, I need a drawing to get a building permit for my extension, so no need for thickness of walls etc. I just wanted to keep things as simple as possible.
Huge thank you for helping me out Dave!