Is there a way to increase sensitivity of the snap to lines?

Is there a way to increase sensitivity of the snap to lines ?

No. What are you trying to snap to a guideline?

Yes, i use a guideline to get more accuracy but it does not seem to notice the dotted line.

Can you give more detail? More accuracy than what? Maybe you could share your .skp file so we can see what you are trying to accomplish?

Here is the link!AgwuFP6ysOSbgs5tte-Z9wA6V0akEA?e=0cLlHb

I was trying to make the back side of the box the same thickness as the other 3 sides 0.150m (6") using the push pull tool.

open the push pull tool, click on the face you want start the push/pull the direction you want, then enter your distance and it will be correct every time.

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I expect you would find it easier to work if you turn off Length Snapping. That often seems to create problems for users.
Screenshot - 8_19_2020 , 12_20_02 PM

You shouldn’t need any additional help to get the Push/Pull tool to snap to the guideline, though. If you find you have trouble snapping to the guideline you could snap to the intersection of the two guidelines…

If you know you want the walls of the box to be the same thickness, you could use Offset to outline the walls and pull them up in one go.

As @Zarloff indicates, if you know how much you need to push the face you could enter that distance.


It snaps to the intersection of the 2 lines perfectly, thanks very much for your help

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Why did you edit the thread title to something unrelated to the thread content?


Also remember that you can touch the reference guideline anywhere along it, it doesn’t have to be directly at the point you want to reach. If it intersects something else in the model you cat touch the guideline at that point and it sill still work. This is good when you have a busy model where the point you want is near other points and hard to get.

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My mistake, I have corrected it.

What I would love to see is a preference page for Inference with sliders to vary the relative sensitivity of the various inference points/lines/planes/guides. (This would only be exposed for SU Pro). Of course there would be a rest button to return to the defaults.

Most important for me would be that setting guides in the current context overrides other inferences, and that guide intersection points would have the strongest ‘snap’ — and would supress outside-context inferences. (This could be also done as a simple checkbox [Guide inference override: Y/N]

The inference suppression included in the latest update is a great option, but for me the extra step taken to add guides is usually because the available inferences aren’t what I want to snap to. It does work now (guides/no suppression), but I find it too fussy with way too much zooming in to get the snap on the right point.

EDIT: Thinking on it further, maybe the easiest way to what I want is to add the check box to the new inference suppression feature (All inferences suppressed / only out-of-context inferences suppressed)