Easy Guide Line Question


When I am laying out a series of guidelines that are all separated by the same distance sometimes SU snaps to the last distance and sometimes it doesn’t. I would like to know if there is a way I can control this function so that when I wishI can have it continue to snap to the last distance. I am aware the the X and / functions are usually used for laying out a series of equidistant guide lines but often I would just prefer to have it snap to the last distance.


Any chance you have Enable Snapping selected in Window>Model Info>Units? If so, you might be hitting a snap point instead of the distance between guides.


Thank you for your reply. I checked my Model Info>Units and “Enable Length Snapping” is not checked. I do know, however, that my line tool snaps to end points and mid points. I don’t think that this is the cause because I discovered the snapping when I was making 1/2 inch separation horizontal guidelines on my screen. After I made a couple of them the cursor began snapping to 1/2 inch when it got close. When I got to making 1/2 inch separation vertical guidelines it never snapped once. I don’t get the guideline snapping often but would like to know how to enable it when I want it.


Snapping at end and midpoints is unrelated to Length Snapping.

Turn on Length Snapping and set the interval to 1/2". You’ll get the behavior you want.


That was too easy, I did what you said and SU did what you said. I have never had Length Snapping enabled before so it doesn’t explain how I got the snapping behavior before but you answered my question and so there is no need to dwell on the why. Thank you very much.