Is there a way to force faces to align parallel to each other?


I’m trying to create this door on an angled wall but because the two planes aren’t perfectly parallel to each other, I’m unable to push/pull the door properly. There’s probably a few different ways to get this to work but I’m scratching my head trying to find the most efficient path.


The two faces must be parallel. Use Copy (Ctrl-Move) to make the second face. Better yet, create the door off to the side, all straight and square, make it a component, and then install it in the wall. Building in-place and off-axis was a really poor decision.



When working off axis you can use the axes tool to re-align the axes. Then your inferences will follow the new axis directions.


Incidentally, Anthony, You seem to be constructing each wall individually as a separate object. A much better approach is to draw a two-line floor plan first. Concentrate on the dimensional and geometric accuracy of the plan, making particularly sure that opposite wall surfaces are parallel. (You can easily ensure that walls are drawn parallel by using either the Offset tool to draw the second line or by drawing walls using long, skinny rectangles.)

Close all the ends and remove internal lines, making the floor plan (the section through the walls) a single face. Then just Push/Pull it to height as a single extrusion. You are unlikely in this workflow to end up with non-parallel wall faces.



Thanks. I did create the floor plan as a 2D drawing first then brought the walls up to 10’. This particular wall was troublesome after it was already built up because the faces weren’t parallel. I ended up redrawing the whole plan and used the offset tool instead to create a parallel face at this doorway. I just started using Sketchup yesterday so I’m still learning the proper way to attack things.


I’d have erased the wall and door, then used pushpull on the small vertical rectangle on the right (where blue wall meets white/seethru wall) and pulled a new wall out, then do a new door. joining the new wall to the existing wall on the left is possible by intersecting faces

I concur with gully’s advice to draw in 2d then pull up. you can also use inferences to establish parallel lines… draw one lin, draw another and as you draw it, rub your mouse along the existing line, then go somewhere near parallel. the new line should go pink to show you SU realised you wanted parallel lines