Is there a way to change a model reference in Layout

I created a model and placed in LO, then created a new version of the model and renamed. I have several vports with notes and dimensions. Is it possible to change the model referenced in the vports to any SU model I choose? So I could in the future set up a LO template with VPorts tied to a template model.

Sure. You can do that. Go to File>Document Setup>References. Select the current SKP file and relink it to the new one.

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Thanks, that worked great! saved me time.

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Hi. Could it be done with Layout C API ?

You can relink it but what if they were all part of one file but now I want to split that file due to the huge model size / complexity. How do I re-link specific models without affecting other sheets linked to that specific file? It’s driving me nuts.

Please don’t double post. I responded to your questions in the other thread.