Is there a way for layout to import images from excel sheet?

Hi all,
I have a BOQ in excel (sorry, I mean libreOffice calc) with prices,items,etc and in the beginning of each row I have a photo of the item.
I just discovered that you can import the excel in layout (Which is amazing since you can do the whole work within layout!!!) but the only problem is that the images don’t import with the rest of the sheet.
I figured this might be a too complex operation, but I’m wondering if there is some trick to do it that I don’t know.

(currently, the best solution I’ve found is to copy/paste the images one by one)

I don’t believe there’s any way to include the images from the Excel file directly. The best solution would be to put the images into the project folder and insert them that way instead of copying and pasting. Copying to the clipboard results in a reference file in a temporary location that will get deleted sooner or later. This can create problems. If you aren’t going to put the images into a non-volatile directory, at the very least, embed them in the document so that LayOut won’t look for a reference in a temporary folder that may not exist.

thanks man!

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I just download SU21 from v18 and I was so hoping to have excel-image-import feature added, Very disappointed (as usual)