Importing Table .xls or .xlsx in Layout not working (Using Libre Office Calc)

Hi all, is anyone has a problem importing a table xls or xlsx in Layout 2019. The table import but most of the cells are empty. Maybe it’s because I’m not using MS excel but Libre Office Calc instead. I decide to abandon Microsoft Office recently and use Libre Office instead but if I can’t use it to create my BOM in Layout, I’m a bit in trouble! I tried .csv It worked but I can’t change the font type and the accents doesn’t show up. I can’t tell if the problem is Layout 2019 freshly installed or Libre Office.

copy’npaste should always work.

I use LibreOffice Calc for all of my spreadsheets and have no problem inserting them as .xlsx files into Layout 2019. FWIW, .xls is not an insertable file type.

When you installed SketchUp/LayOut 2019, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator?

Humm! that’s interesting! So now I know that Libre Office is not faulty. Yes I always install SU as admin. And if I copy paste the xlsx file, I have the same result: some empty cell!

Can you share the XLSX file?

Liste de (19.3 KB)

I’m not sure what you did in formatting the spreadsheet but after I cleared Direct Formatting, the XLSX inserts fine.



I didn’t do anything in the formating. I simply start typing from the default template, and put in Bold the first line. I will re-create a new formating template.

Thanks a lot. You fixed my problem. I’ll remember this clear formatting tip.

Little note: I really love this forum and I really appreciate your quick help.

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Glad that worked. FWIW, I’ve never used that Clear Direct Formatting before today.

spreadsheet applications try to guess the format of the input (number, text, formula, date etc.) automagically… which might lead unnoticedly to divergent formatted cells.