Format in layout linked table

So Tyson in a YouTube video showed an inserted .xlsx table with formatting intact in Layout, so colors showed.
When I do that, there’s no colors. What do I do wrong…
I also attach the actual .xlsx file zipped. Is there different ways of formatting colors that will give different results?
Arealbehov Still Norge (10.8 KB)

well now I realise this file is a .xlsx export out of Numbers. Can not understand how this changes anything though. I do get colors for cells in a spreadsheet that is made in excel from scratch.

When I open the xlsx file in LibreOffice Calc, there is no formatting…

When I format a cell it’s not showing in Layout.

If I import one of my existing files the formatting is there…

(yours on left, mine on right)

After applying a theme to the file in Google Sheets

well I do not understand how it can have formatting (colors) made in Numbers, that exported into xlsx shows up as formatting in Excel, but somehow is not proper cell formatting that carries over to LibreOffice Calc, or needs a google sheets theme applied, and then it will show up, but I guess it does not matter.

I know the workarounds now.

what is “Numbers” ? is it software/… an extension? ???

To quick for me… where was the original spreadsheet created? in layout?.. Excel? Google? was is inserted into Layout (ie when the clip starts? ) and then pasted into Googles sheets? the formating only sticks in the table if it specifically has a google style applied to it? what if you just format the sheet manually with cell colours etc? is this just a SU2023 enhancement? thanks

Numbers is the spreadsheet of Apple

Hi Gary,

I downloaded OP’s file (.xlsx) and with drag and drop I inserted it into LayOut (2022), appearing without colors.
I opened it in Google Sheets (and it already had colors) and applied a theme, I downloaded it (.xlsx) and again with drag and drop I inserted it into LayOut (2022), this time appearing with colors.

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ahhh, thanks

thx Mihai… my brain doesn’t work that fast any more :slight_smile: